RETREAT:  /ri'tri:t/: verb. 

A quiet or secluded place in which one can rest or relax.

synonyms: refuge, haven, sanctuary

All our retreats provide a convivial atmosphere of learning and wellness.  We foster connection to fellow creatives, food enthusiasts, and the native landscape.  Yoga, meditation, and nutritional counseling available. 

CULINARY retreats 

THE ART OF PASTRY, PASTA & PIZZA with Pino and Julia Ficara


creative retreats



CERAMICS INTENSIVE with Eleonora Colletti

Workshops are limited to 8 participants. Contact us to book your place. 

If you're interested in leading your own retreat, get in touch, we'd love to help you design and host your own dream workshop! 

the art of pastry, pasta & Pizza

 Chef Pino Ficara at work

Chef Pino Ficara at work

For passionate cooks, artisanal food lovers, and professional chefs who want to expand their knowledge of Italian cuisine, this is an immersive workshop not to be missed. 100% artisanal techniques, led by professional chef Pino Ficara and pasta expert, Julia Ficara, owners of Grano & Farina in the heart of Rome.  All levels of experience can benefit from chef Pino and Julia's professional expertise and approachable style.  You'll leave with new tools, techniques, step-by-step recipes, unforgettable food experiences, and an expanded foodie community.   

Price includes:  4 intensive cooking lessons, 3 local food tours, olive oil lesson with master oil sommelier Johnny Madge, guided wine tasting, private accommodations on our villa property, all food and wine, and local transportation.  

5 nights/6 days. €2,500 all inclusive.  2018: June 4-9 / July 9-14 / Sept 3-8 /
CONTACT US for more information, or purchase your place right away! 

food photography & food styling

 Lifestyle Photoshoot, 2017 Workshop. Photo: Meeta K. Wolff

Lifestyle Photoshoot, 2017 Workshop. Photo: Meeta K. Wolff

Join us for an unforgettable workshop retreat with Meeta K. Wolff - professional food photographer and blogger - while she shares her knowledge and talent in this inspiring course.  You'll be immersed for 2 days with countryside Italian cooking, gorgeous landscapes, day tours, and lessons from Meeta that build your confidence and strengthen both your technical prowess and creative flow.  Open to all levels. See past photos and get inspired by her blog from past workshops!  

1 night/2 days. €660 All Inclusive.  2018: May 10-11.  CONTACT US for more details and to reserve your spot!   


 Oil on Canvas. Gary P. Lissa, 2015

Oil on Canvas. Gary P. Lissa, 2015

Gary P. Lissa, painter with more than 30 years of professional experience in Italy, is well-known for his knowledge, skills, and profound talent for teaching.  Gary's retreats can be fundamentally transformative to any creative practice. In this workshop participants explore the landscape of Sabina, visit ancient ruins, a forgotten marble quarry, and spend up to 6 hours a day at the canvas and in conversation about techniques, the history of landscape painting, and developing personal processes. Whether you are a hobbyist beginner or professional looking for development, you will be astonished how much growth happens in a single dedicated week. 

"The landscape of Italy has obsessed the artist for centuries. Following the Renaissance it became a common practice for the art student to make a pilgrimage to Italy, and has since been considered of paramount importance for the artistic development of the student. It is no coincidence that the greatest landscape painters of the past four centuries have all spent much time studying and living in Italy."  - Gary Lissa. 

Price includes:  3 local tours, 30 hours of instruction, accommodations on a villa property, all food and wine, and local transportation.  

 6 nights/7 days. $2,400 USD, all inclusive except painting materials.  2018: Sept 30-Oct 6

Contact Us for more information, or buy now and reserve your spot!

the force of poetry


Generate new poems and share your work with other passionate writers in supportive critiques.  Liz Rees is a"poet in the schools" for the Maryland State Arts Council, and has published over 250 poems in journals such as Partisan Review, and has over 30 years of teaching experience, including for Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Howard Universities. This retreat is designed to help you center, get silent, and dive into the 5 senses in ways that will inspire your writing with countryside tours, daily yoga and gourmet meals.   

Price Includes:  18 hours of writing workshop, private accommodation on the villa property, 4 guided tours, all food and wine, 6 hours of yoga, and local transportation.    

8 days/7 nights.  All inclusive $2400 USD*  2018: Oct 14-21

*Intermediate-level poetry experience, writing submissions required before reservation accepted. 

Poetry Workshop

Earth, water & fire: ceramics all levels

 At work in the Terrecotte Sabine studio, 2017

At work in the Terrecotte Sabine studio, 2017

Taught by master ceramicist Eleonora Colletti at her hilltop studio, just minutes from the villa property.  Eleonora has been making ceramics and teaching students for over 30 years, every skill level can benefit from her workshops.  

Price Includes:  30 hours of studio time, 2 local food tours, accommodation on our villa property, all food and wine, local transportation. 

6 nights/5days.  €1,800 all inclusive.  Partial stays and private lessons available. 

2018: CONTACT US for dates and reservations.